About the Program

The ways that we communicate with one another change all the time. New media technologies are constantly transforming the means of social communication, making them accessible to more and more people. In this process of democratization of the tools of communication, what does it mean to become producers of experiences and not just consumers?

The Interactive Media program begins with the premise that access to newer and more expansive communication technologies creates new opportunities for human expression. But this concentration takes the tools as a means of expression — not an end in themselves. In Interactive Media courses, students are expected to engage with the ideas offered by their coursework in the core curriculum and in their majors and imagine how those ideas might be communicated with new media technologies. The goal of this endeavor is to augment and improve human experience, and to bring both meaning and delight to people's lives.

The program's curriculum will be ever-evolving, reflecting the spirit of experimentation and the potential in these emergent forms. Practical skills involving electronics, programming, design, and digital media will be developed in conjunction with theory to address the nature of a constantly changing media landscape.

The Interactive Media program is also designed as a meeting point for the arts, sciences, and humanities. This integrated approach is part of the program's DNA, facilitating an environment where people from diverse backgrounds can come together to imagine new possibilities for expression.