Github Bootcamp
Sunday, Sept. 10 6pm - 8pm | Arts Center Room 006

We'll be hosting a crash course on git and github - stay tuned for more info soon!

Writing Sounds with ToneJS
Sunday, Feb. 5th 6pm - 8pm | Arts Center Room 006

To kick-off the Spring IM workshops, Prof. Pierre Depaz will lead us through the possibilities of writing, playing, manipulating and creating sounds with your computer. Using the ToneJS library, you will learn how to sample your favorite tunes and synthesize endless possibilities of digital sound. No prior programming experience required. Please bring your laptop and some headphones!

Intro to Contact Improvisation with Artist Kiori Kawai
Sunday, Feb. 12th 6pm - 8pm | Arts Center Room 006

Kiori Kawai is a dancer, performance artist, and yogi whose work focuses on human interaction with contemporary technologies. In this workshop she will:

  • Explore how physical contact affects our bodies and minds
  • Use kinesthetic awareness as a conversation to explore connection with others
  • Observe your conscious and unconscious choices
  • Integrate physical partnering with exchanging ideas
Athletic wear is encouraged as we will be moving about. This event will be held in Rm.144 in the Arts Center. Kiori will also be running a second workshop later this semester on "Improvisational Performance with Technology". Stay tuned for that as well!

Nothing to Something - An Intro to Rapid Prototyping
Sunday, Feb. 19th 6pm - 8pm | Arts Center Room 006

Prof. Felix Beck will introduce us to the wonderful world of rapid prototyping. By utilizing a variety of low-tech methods and processes, you can take any idea and bring it to life. This session will empower you with the mindset and tools to go from nothing to something.

Special Event: 24X
Event Begins: Friday, Feb. 24th 3pm - Saturday, Feb. 25th 3pm | Arts Center Room 029
Public Presentations: Saturday, Feb. 25th 4pm - 6:30pm | Arts Center Room TBD

In the spirit of Rhizome’s Seven on Seven and Experiments in Art and Technology’s “9 Evenings”, NYUAD Interactive Media presents The 2nd Annual 24X.

24X is an event where 10 students from diverse disciplines come together for 24 hours to create something new. Public presentations of the experience will happen Saturday Feb. 25th from 4pm - 6:30pm. All are invited. And then we eat!

Exploring Arduino with Michael Shiloh
Sunday, Feb. 26th 6pm - 8pm | Arts Center Room 006

Special Guest Michael Shiloh, lifelong tinkerer and maker, will take us through a creative exploration of an Interactive Media staple, the Arduino platform. Whether you are brand new to physical computing or have been working with micro-controllers, circuits and sensors for years, this workshop is not to be missed!

Paper Prototypes (Felix Beck)
Sunday April 24, 6pm-8pm, Room 006 in the Art Center

In her book The Function of Ornament, Farshid Moussavi describes visible and invisible forces that will shape the architecture of the future. The combination of new mechanisms with cultural, political and temporal effects will manifestate in new aesthetic compositions and affects. In the workshop the participants will concentrate on the visible forces (structural, functional and physical) to develop paper prototypes.

How To Make Things Sound Awesome (Diana Chester)
Sunday April 17, 6pm-8pm, Room 006 in the Art Center

Have you ever wished your film sounded as good as it looks, or that you could quickly enhance that crappy iphone recording? This workshop will go over the basics of sound. Yup sound, that thing that we think about last but notice first. Learn the basics of sound recording, and how to make you recordings sound good from the get go. Learn about how to enhance, edit, and manipulate audio in a sound editing software program like logic or audacity. Learn how to make scary sounds, happy sounds, and weird and crazy sounds. All the power is at your fingertips.

MEDIATE VR - Life in Motion (Christian Grewell & Ted Lee)
Wednesday April 6, 5pm-7pm, Room 155 Arts Center

Create your own animated avatar, capture dance motion and watch yourself in VR! Part of the M.ed.iate pre-launch events at NYUAD.

MEDIATE VR - Unity 5 Workshop (Christian Grewell - NYU Shanghai)
Tuesday April 5, 5:30pm-7:30pm, Room 029 (IM Lab)

Learn how to build 3D environments and animations without coding in Unity. Part of the M.ed.iate pre-launch events at NYUAD. Mediate is a joint research project between NYU Abu Dhabi and NYU Shanghai exploring education in entirely new mediums, beginning with virtual reality, reality reconstruction and motion, audio and video capture. It is a reimagining of the classroom - both virtually and physically.

Intro to Web APIs
Sunday, April 3: 6pm-8pm, Room 006 in the Art Center

Make your own Weather App! Have you ever wanted to create an "interactive" web site? In this hands-on 2 hour workshop we'll fly through the fundamentals of client-side web development by building a basic Weather App - type in a city and get the temperature!. We will cover HTML, CSS, Javascript, and data retrieval via web APIs. All skill levels and backgrounds are welcome. Please bring a laptop.

Documentation available HERE

Intro to Web and Google Maps
Sunday, March 6: 6pm-8pm, Room 006 in the Art Center

Learn the basics of programming for the web. In this workshop, we'll create a website that includes an embedded Google map. We'll add map markers and "bind" data to them so you can create a customized cartography experience No programming or web experience required. Please bring a laptop!

Intro to ThreeJS
Sunday, February 28: 6pm-8pm, Room 006 in the Art Center

Are you interested in creating 3D visualizations and animations for the web. In this workshop, we'll introduce threeJS, a javascript library for creating 3D content in the browser. Some basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and javascript is preferred but not required. Please bring a laptop!

Serial Communication (Hardware + Software, Oh My!)
Sunday, February 21: 6pm-8pm, Room 006 in the Art Center

If you've been following along with the previous 2 weeks of workshops, this is the best one yet! Get information from sensors and buttons (see intro to pcomp above) and send that to your p5.js sketches. Build a controller for a game, collect environmental data and display it graphically, master the physical and virtual worlds!

Again, please bring your computer, and perhaps some knowledge of the previous 2 weeks of workshops. (or just hang out!)

Introduction to Programming with p5.js
Sunday, February 14: 6pm-8pm, Room 006 in the Art Center

Interested in learning the basics of programming? P5.js is a javascript framework created with artists and designers in mind. Draw interactive graphics in a web browser, and learn a little about the way code runs the world around you. Special Valentine's day edition means we'll use plenty of black and red.

No programming experience required, please bring your computer :)

Introduction to Physical Computing with the Arduino
Sunday, February 7: 6pm-8:30pm, Room 006 in the Art Center

Ever wanted to learn about microcontrollers, or how to get information from the physical world into a computer? This introductory workshop will get you up and running with buttons, LEDs, and sensors in no time. We will (quickly!) cover basic electricity, digital input/output, and analog input/output.

No programming or electronics experience required! Bring a computer!

Unity 3D Workshop Part 2
Sunday, November 15: 6pm-8pm, Room 006 in the Art Center

GAF James Hosken will guide you through more Unity fun. Focusing in scriptinglighting and importing models, this will be a blast! Unity from the website.

Open House with the Arts Center
Monday, November 9: 6pm-8pm, NYUAD Art Center

The Art Center is having a wide open house for the entire NYUAD community. Come and visit the labs and spaces to see what we do in our classes, and get an idea of what the students are making!

Theater Tech II: Hacking the Stage
Sunday, November 8: 6pm-8pm, Room 006 in the Art Center

Cameras, microphones, projectors... they've appeared in theater productions before. But how can we use them in new, exciting ways? How can we push them in ways they aren't supposed to be pushed? How can technology affect an actor, a scene and a theatrical moment? How do we make technology into an actor and not a gimmick? Building on the work in Isadora, and examining the work of companies like Wooster Group and Forced Entertainment, students will begin to mess with (and hack!) the different technologies we take for granted on stage and in performance.

Unity 3D Workshop Part 1
Sunday, November 1: 6pm-8pm, Room 006 in the Art Center

GAF James Hosken will guide you through the basics of the Unity 3D game engine. If you've ever wanted to design a video game, this is your chance to get started! Bring a laptop and download Unity from the website.

Halloween noise performance
Friday, October 30: 7:30pm-9pm, Behind the Art Center

Our second annual Halloween party is a new A/V spooktacular, with electronic noise and spooky visuals performed outdoors. Featuring sound by Jonny Farrow and Fari Bradley, with Janet Bellotto and Scott Fitzgerald making live video. You don't want to miss this!

Theater Tech I: Interactive Projections with Isadora
Sunday, October 18: 6pm-8pm, Room 006 in the Art Center

Frustrated with the lack of interactive audio and video software for the theater, Mark Coniglio of Troika Ranch developed his own - Isadora. Combining interactivity with scene control, video with audio, and computers with performance, Isadora has become essential in allowing technology to become another actor on stage. Attilio Rigotti will guide students through an introduction to Isadora, its interface and its mechanics, giving you enough tools to begin exploring your own crazy projection shows.

Web Platforms
Sunday, October 4: 6pm-8pm, Room 006 in the Art Center

A survey of a variety of web platforms useful for documenting work, writing research, and archiving projects. The workshop will be geared towards Senior Captsone projects, but it is open to everyone. (Link to the Presentation)

Switch Off Your Eyes
Sunday, September 27: 6pm-8pm, Room 006 in the Art Center

Fari Bradley - Silence in talkies, noise in romance. Did cinema pave the way for abstract and unpalatable sound as an art form by rejecting a narrative, or did certain films do so instead to move towards a 'meta-narrative'. Which directors employed sound art in a way that it became one of the characters in the plot?

Chris Weaver- Contact Microphones. Learn how to use microphones to record objects and devices to get unique sounds from the world around you!